A New Blog

This week we want to introduce you to something new. A Grace Baptist Church Blog. This new blog will serve to be the main location where we will post updates about what’s happening at Grace. The desire with this new blog is to centralize communication, one place where you can go for many of the important updates related to Grace Baptist Church.

Some things you might see there

  • Events
  • Staff Updates
  • Topical Blogs
  • Ministry Highlights
  • Volunteer Needs
  • And More!

Our goal with this blog is for it to be focused, intentional and meaningful. We want it to be focused on all things Grace to keep you always up-to-date. We want it to be intentional, not just a blog done on a whim, but a wisely managed point of communication for you! Finally, we want it to be so meaningful that you will come and check it out and act on the things you learn and read.

One thing this means is that this newsletter will change. It won’t change from the Monday sending date but It will instead be a conglomeration from the posts from the blog through the week. You will receive the same information, if not more and you will get a more accurate picture at what’s actually happening at Grace! Due to privacy concerns, the things that will stay on this newsletter only are birthdays and anniversaries . We will also not share addresses, phone numbers or any financials on the blog.

We are truly excited about this move forward and all that will come along with it. Our desire is to continually improve our communication in order to serve you better.