Global Outreach Update – Carr

Tom and Paula Carr

Hi, Everyone!

Rainy season has been declared over, but we still seem to be getting rain off and on.  We get tired of the rain sometimes, but at least it keeps temperatures down a bit!

PRAISE the Lord around 30 children have signed up to attend Children’s Camp this Thursday and Friday, July 23, 24! We weren’t sure, since we’re still pretty new in town, whether parents would be willing to send their kids off to camp, so we are very excited that six of those who have signed up are from here in Izumi!  Please PRAY for the Lord to work in these children’s hearts and draw them to Himself, and for strength and endurance for all of us workers.  (Praise the Lord there is no shortage of workers this year–there’s around 25 adults who are planning to be there, too!)  Please also PRAY for the start of once-a-month youth activities, beginning August 8.  PRAY that many junior high and high schoolers will come.  Also, one of our single ladies has a desire to start a young adult get-together each month.  She wanted to start this month, but all of her friends decided at the last minute they couldn’t come.  PRAY that she won’t be discouraged and that this new ministry would get off the ground.  There will also be an “Anyone Can Come” camp on August 13, 14.  PRAY for all of these outreaches and activities to be used to produce lasting fruit.

PRAISE the Lord for different opportunities the Lord provides for us to show His love.  Before Lindy left, the Petite family, a visiting intern, Itaru, and our family went to help one of our church lady’s mother celebrate her birthday.  She lives in a nursing home and Miss M thought her mom would enjoy seeing Lindy dressed up in Miss M’s yukata.  They probably hadn’t had quite that much excitement in the nursing home in a long time!  Miss M continues to ask us to pray for her mother’s salvation, so please PRAY along with us.

PRAISE the Lord Lindy arrived safely back in Cedarville and is involved this week in the MK Re-entry Seminar.  She seems to be really enjoying it and says she’s learning a lot.  Please continue to PRAY for her and her adjustment to being back in the states and for her preparations in attending Cedarville University as well.  PRAY also for Andrew, who will be moving off-campus this year and living with some friends/fellow students nearby the school.  PRAY for them both to continue to follow the Lord and want to serve Him with all their hearts.  Paula leaves next week for the U.S. and will be helping Lindy get set up for college.  Continue to PRAY for us as we adjust to another one of our family leaving.  We’re so thankful we still have two kids left behind with us!

PRAISE the Lord we have decided on an online school program for the next year.  Though this is a bit more expensive, we’re hoping and praying it will do the trick for our family. PRAY that we will adjust to yet another change in our home schooling and the the kids will be able to learn well and grow in the Lord.  PRAY that we all will keep our eyes on the Lord become more like Him.

Thank you once again for your faithful support, your prayers, birthday and anniversary cards, as well as encouraging notes.  We really appreciate them and need your prayers.

CARRying the Gospel,

Tom, Paula, Mitchell, Tevia (in Izumi) and Andrew and Lindy (both in Cedarville, OH)


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