Global Outreach Update – Kleis Family

kleisIn June we celebrated 10 Years in Italy! Ten years of sweat, heartache and triumphs serving a God who is always faithful and who desires to use weak vessels like ourselves to bring truth and hope to a people we have grown to love. We could not have made it these past 10 years without you standing behind us!

Although mission work in Italy typically moves at a glacial pace, we are excited to see visible results of God’s work in the last few weeks. We praise the Lord for the salvation of one individual and the opportunity we have had to invest in his life over the past year through the study of God’s word. He has wonderful leadership and pastoral qualities that we pray will develop through one on one discipleship and training. We are also seeing glimmers of understanding and gospel acceptance in the life of another, a woman we have been ministering to for a year and a half. We see the possibility of a core group being formed in the near future which could constitute the beginning of the church plant in Caselle–and this gets us excited! Pray for us as we pray, prepare, and plan to this end.

This month we have launched a new Jobs for Life course that will conclude the beginning of October, at which time we will have spent over 60 hours together in job and life skills training from a biblical perspective. Three women are attending the course, all of whom have significant needs and complex issues to work through. All three have already demonstrated an openness and a desire, not simply to find work, but also to come to a better understanding of God through the Bible. Pray that as we continue to work with them that God would give us wisdom as we try to offer them help on a number of levels and that ultimately they would come to know the hope that only Christ can give.

Continue to pray that God may grant that in a religious and cultural landscape that has for centuries been dominated by Rome, true gospel reformation would finally come!

Family Life: We enjoyed a brief visit to Michigan in June for the wedding of Jonathan’s brother. Jonathan officiated his first wedding, Noella made the cake, Samuel and Luca were ushers and Emma was the ring bear(ess). We are thankful for the opportunity to be present for such a special day for our family. The kids are busy working on their summer homework assignments, continuing with piano lessons and creative projects like writing and crafting. We have had over a month of relentless high temperatures in the 90s plus humidity that makes it quite difficult to function at times without AC. Jonathan in particular has had difficulty breathing with the heat but we are thankful that he is making improvement with some remedies.




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