Global Outreach Update | Tim Marvin – Mount Hermon

By: Tim Marvin

The summer started off with much lack of confidence for me. I was comparing myself to the other counselors who were doing a great job and making it look very easy. I was having trouble jumping right into it all. The team came along side me and encouraged me through that, and as the weeks went on I grew in confidence and was able to just have more fun with the kids and be more relational with them. I learned much about myself and how I can grow closer to God and how my gifts and abilities can be better used for furthering God’s kingdom. The biggest thing I learned this summer is that I must find my identity in Christ, as a beloved child of God, because when I put my identity in the people who I so enjoy here on this earth, they will fail me because they not perfect and cannot be due to sin. I fell in love with the friends that I made out there who became my family as we built into each other to serve God, as well as the gorgeous creation that God had placed before me, from the red woods to the grand Pacific. God is good! Thank you so much for all the prayerful support, God was working out there and your prayers were much-needed!

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