The McComas’ Commissioning

It is an exciting time at Grace Baptist Church, as we prepare to commission one of our families to begin the second stint of their mission to South Africa. Wade and Tara McComas along with their three children, Finnegan, Aislinn, and Maeve will be leaving shortly to Hermanus, South Africa, a smaller city outside of Cape Town.

With clear excitement and anticipation, Wade and Tara are preparing for their time on this cross-cultural mission field. The overwhelming support, both financially and prayerfully, they have received by so many people add to the already existing stories of God’s faithfulness as they prepare to go. As of September 30th, the McComas’ reached
their full support; IMG_3466this being the same day they set as their target goal to be fully funded. It is encouraging to hear of the overwhelming support and various means that God used in order to supply for the necessary funding of their trip. Rather than having the majority of their financial support through various organizations and churches, the McComas’ have experienced 80 percent of their finances through individuals. As a testimony to God’s faithfulness in the process of gaining funds, they understand that God provided people, and not due to a constant asking. Rather through relationships that have formed and developed, God has brought people into their lives that have provided friendship, encouragement, and another illustration of God’s grace to them.

Wade remains grateful for the part a number of their supporters have played in the lives of his family. He attests to the fact that the majority of those who support them financially are also known by his four year old son, Finnegan. Because of the close relationships formed during this time, Wade and Tara are appreciative and anticipate it to also play a part in Finnegan maturing while on the mission field.

The cultivation of their hearts for the mission field of South AfricaIMG_3465 for Wade and Tara began at two different times. Tara actually spent around eight years of her life in South Africa already, growing up in a missionary family located there. She also played a role of influencing Wade. Wade discussed his experience of hearing Tara’s heart for the community while on a Poverty Immersion weekend during their tenure as students at Cedarville University. He highlighted that conversation to be the beginning stage of the fueling of his heart for South Africa.

As the McComas family heads to South Africa, they leave with a clear mindset that they have been called to plant churches, build families, and develop communities. Such a mission statement remains at the forefront of the purpose of why they head to this country, and how they hope God will use them in this venture. Interestingly, the church they will be initially working out of is a church that has been derived from a church-plant that Tara’s family played a role in around 12 years ago. Knowing that God laid out the purpose of going to plant, build, and develop has been clear to Wade and Tara; and they also understand the various means that God can do this as they further His kingdom. Both Wade and Tara hold the vision of growing out of and simultaneously into the local church. Whether that means that leaders are equipped on the frontlines of the mission field of South Africa to plant more churches or the recruiting and reaching of people that are unchurched, Wade and Tara truly hope that during their time lives are reached with the Gospel and therefore changed for the glory of God.

While it is difficult to say goodbye to friends and people who we have partnered in ministry with, it is also encouraging to see the hearts of this family as they seek to pursue God’s will and prepare to actively engage people they reach with the Gospel. Continue to remain in prayer for Wade, Tara and their family during this time of transition and moving to another country. Both Wade and Tara also ask that you would be in prayer for their three kids, as they will be learning new languages and growing within a new, unique culture. Every member of the family will be partaking in a language learning experience. The McComas children will be learning the Afrikaans language, while Wade and Tara attempt to broaden their ability to speak the language of Xhosa, just two of the eleven languages circulating around the region.

When asked what the Grace Baptist Church family can pray for Wade responded by saying “grace.” Whether that was grace from their families, their kids, each other, or insurmountably a growing appreciation and love for God’s grace, they ask that you would keep them in your prayers as they leave soon.  It was awesome to close out the time talking with the McComas’ with a reminder that serving God and pursuing mission for His kingdom is ultimately an act of God’s grace to us, a truth that Wade and Tara continue to cling to as they prepare to leave.IMG_3464

On October 25th at 6:00 pm the McComas family, as well as Grace Baptist Church, would like to welcome everyone to join together in community to commission the McComas’ to the mission field. It will be an exciting time to hear more from them, pray for them, and encourage them on their journey. Please join us as we praise God together for the opportunity that He has given the McComas’ to serve in South Africa and pray for the work that He will do through this wonderful family.


Deacon and Elder Nominations Are Still Open!

download (68)Thank you for all the nomination forms that have come in. Your nominating committee is collecting, reading, evaluating, and contacting those you are nominating for elder and deacon. Keep it up. Nominations are due October 11.

Can I ask you to especially consider nominees for Deacon? As you do, remember it can be men or women who are spiritually mature, meet the qualities of 1 Timothy 3, and Acts 6, and can help serve the church. We are looking for candidates who have these qualities and also show skill and understanding to be able to offer leadership in these areas:
Finance – including budget development and monitoring, dealing with insurances, contracts, and educating the congregation in various matters of financial stewardship
Properties – help with matters pertaining to building, grounds, vehicles, and maintenance (immediate and deferred)
Technology – keeping our computers and technology running and up to date in classrooms and offices, and data management and protection
Benevolence – providing financial assistance, as well as skilled help when needed, to our members and others in the community
Care & Compassion – organizing hospital visitation and home visits for the sick, for shut-ins, and seniors who need occasional visits, along with coordination with parish nursing
Hospitality – organizing and strengthening all aspects of our welcoming ministries, from ushers and greeters, to hosting, organizing, and coordinating church events, to recruiting and developing our security team

These are six areas that we are considering for the major task teams of the deacons. They may change over the course of the year, as this is our first year to work this way, but each deacon will be asked to choose one committee that will become the focus of his or her service for the year. There will be no regular monthly business meeting for the deacons; instead, each task team will organize themselves to get their work done, and each team’s leader will report to the chairman of the Deacons and to Bob Beikert, who will be their staff connection.

Click Here to Nominate Elder Candidates

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Global Outreach Update | Tom and Paula Carr | Japan

Hi, Everyone!


Each child mixed up their own little bowl of dough and made their own cookies (with some help from the leaders)

Psa. 7:17  I will give thanks to the Lord because of his righteousness; I will sing the praises of the name of the Lord Most High.

PRAISE the Lord for a good turnout recently for a cookie making  outreach event for children.  Along with making cookies, the children played games and heard a Bible story. PRAY that the Lord will keep working in these kids’ hearts and they will come to know Him as their Savior.


Games are always a fun part of these events!

hhPRAISE the Lord for our co-workers Bill and Becky Petite.  They do so much around here and are taking a well-deserved vacation for a week and a half or so.  PRAY that they have a great time with their son, daughter-in-law and grandson, who will be celebrating his first birthday and a time of good refreshment and encouragement.  PRAY for us as we fill in for them in some of the areas in which they work.  Tom will finish up his three months rotation of preaching this coming Sunday and will switch with Bill after he gets back to head up prayer meeting while Bill takes over the Sunday preaching responsibilities.

PRAISE the Lord we will celebrate one year of meeting as the Izumi Living Hope Baptist Church on October 11!  We are praying for visitors to attend, as well as all the people who regularly come.  A special service is being planned as well as a carry-in dinner.  Please PRAY with us for the Lord to bring in new people.

PRAISE the Lord Mitch and Tev are doing really well in our online school situation. bb How thankful we are that this is working out well.  Please PRAY that the kids would continue to learn a lot and keep working hard. PRAY, too, for junior and senior high kids to come to the once a month teen events that started two months ago.  So far 3 boys have come, in addition to our kids.  Please PRAY that those boys will come back, as well as others that have not come before. Andrew and Lindy seem to be flourishing in Cedarville and are staying busy with studies, work, and socializing (not necessarily in that order!)  PRAY for them to make good choices in prioritizing their time and to continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord.

Thank you for your caaontinued faithful prayers and financial support and your notes to us.  We’re so grateful for you as you help enable us to continue to work here.  PRAY that we will be encouraged and continue to press on in faithfulness!

CARRying the Gospel

Tom, Paula, Mitchell, Tevia and Andrew and Lindy