In yesterday’s sermon we got to reflect on Romans 1:16-17. This is a snapshot and different look of what was presented in yesterday’s sermon:

We think back to last week ending with an eagerness. An eagerness of the apostle’s heart. This has a direct link to a passage that shows the gospel’s power and Paul’s faith, an understanding that he is set apart.

Yet just as we are tempted to be ashamed of such a gospel, Paul also was tempted. What could have or does keep us from being eager as Paul was?

Scorn, alignment with a “criminal”. Ridicule, persecution, being counter-cultural.

All of these we use to justify being ashamed. Let it be our prayer that we never get over the gospel.

Paul boasts of its power more than just denies his own shame. Paul stakes his claim in this message’s source. Against anything man can do, Paul knows he is victorious.

He understood its power. Its explosive, empowering, dynamic character. A personality that is productive and ever-producing. The gospel empowers. The gospel convicts. The gospel is always working.

The gospel destroys barriers; the gospel equips warriors.

The gospel frees us, making us no longer slaves. A dynamic power that needs to be utilized because we have been saved.

Soteria…saved from what? Ignorance, disappointment, crooked-thinking, sin, sickness and the curse of death.

This message Paul knew to be universal, to be preached so that all may hear. Yet with its proclamation it brings a call for those who believe, for it contains a limited yet extensive effect for the believer.

Knowing we have no hope, no other argument, not other plea… it is only through what Christ has done.It is by faith in that truth we stand righteous before the throne.

However, alone we are unrighteous, unable to keep or preserve a standard we were never going to be able to meet. It is because of God’s righteousness and faith in the saving work of Christ that we are declared righteous by the One assuming of the judgment seat. That righteousness revealed from faith for faith. The faithfulness of God yields faith and our faith makes us live faithful to God…



One thought on “Unashamed

  1. I didn’t plan on being in worship service Sunday morning because my niece got married Sunday afternoon at 1:30 and I didn’t think I could make everything happen. But, the Lord woke me up at 7:30 and I thought okay Lord I’ll go! So many questions that I have had for a long time were answered in this sermon. I am so glad I was there. The Lord knew I needed to be there! Every other sentence another question that I have been pondering was answered. Thank you, Pastor Craig! I so much needed to hear this message. I am so excited about this series on Romans! The Lord blessed me greatly and I made it to the wedding just fine! Thank you!


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