High School Leadership Group Algonquin Trip | Recap

Last week our students went on a grand trip to Algonquin, Canada. The group going was made up of the coming year’s Radiate Student Leadership Team called The SHIFT, four adult leaders went with as well. The group started off the week energized and ready to go.¬†Through their trip they encountered cold weather, pouring rain, and many bugs. Each person who went on the trip came back full of exciting stories, memories and experiences they’ll never forget. Check out what some of the students had to say below and also some pictures. You’ll see a lot, but it¬†won’t tell the whole story, so go and find some of the adventurers and ask them more about the trip!

“It was a great trip that showed God’s beauty through creation and circumstances. It was a lot of fun and was an amazing experience!”

– Josiah Winey

“This Algonquin trip not only brought me closer to those who I was with, but closer to God as well.”

– John Sizer

“The trip was a great way to refocus ourselves and to grow as a team!”

-Ian Waltz

“Throughout this trip, I learned several things and also grew closer to Christ. There is something so powerful about always being completely surrounded by encouraging people and God’s beautiful creations.”

– Elizabeth Daniels

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