Focusing on Membership

downloadMany of our Sunday worship services include testimonies from people seeking to commit themselves in membership. Sometimes we are asked, “Why are they seeking membership” and “Why are the videos shown during the worship service.” Here are some brief answers.

Why membership? In short, membership is one of the ways that we live out the biblical commands of functioning in the church. Church membership fulfills the biblical description of the regular association that a Christian is assumed to have with the local fellowship, and it’s is a practical necessity if we are to obey the biblical commands relating to the church’s practices, structure, and its care for each other. For a fuller explanation click here. In addition to this biblical description, church membership also fights against the lack of commitment that characterizes our culture. The members at Grace commit to pursuing Christ together; they commit to serving together and supporting one another.

Membership testimonies are shown in the worship service because they are worship. To recount God’s faithfulness in your life is an act of worship. The congregation corporately praises God for his work in these people, and we are reminded of how God works in our lives. Moreover, the members of Grace are asked to worship by committing themselves to other believers. To affirm a believer into membership is an act of worship because it is an act of covenanting with them to glorify God together.