Global Outreach Update | Tom and Paula Carr | Japan

Hi, Everyone!


Each child mixed up their own little bowl of dough and made their own cookies (with some help from the leaders)

Psa. 7:17  I will give thanks to the Lord because of his righteousness; I will sing the praises of the name of the Lord Most High.

PRAISE the Lord for a good turnout recently for a cookie making  outreach event for children.  Along with making cookies, the children played games and heard a Bible story. PRAY that the Lord will keep working in these kids’ hearts and they will come to know Him as their Savior.


Games are always a fun part of these events!

hhPRAISE the Lord for our co-workers Bill and Becky Petite.  They do so much around here and are taking a well-deserved vacation for a week and a half or so.  PRAY that they have a great time with their son, daughter-in-law and grandson, who will be celebrating his first birthday and a time of good refreshment and encouragement.  PRAY for us as we fill in for them in some of the areas in which they work.  Tom will finish up his three months rotation of preaching this coming Sunday and will switch with Bill after he gets back to head up prayer meeting while Bill takes over the Sunday preaching responsibilities.

PRAISE the Lord we will celebrate one year of meeting as the Izumi Living Hope Baptist Church on October 11!  We are praying for visitors to attend, as well as all the people who regularly come.  A special service is being planned as well as a carry-in dinner.  Please PRAY with us for the Lord to bring in new people.

PRAISE the Lord Mitch and Tev are doing really well in our online school situation. bb How thankful we are that this is working out well.  Please PRAY that the kids would continue to learn a lot and keep working hard. PRAY, too, for junior and senior high kids to come to the once a month teen events that started two months ago.  So far 3 boys have come, in addition to our kids.  Please PRAY that those boys will come back, as well as others that have not come before. Andrew and Lindy seem to be flourishing in Cedarville and are staying busy with studies, work, and socializing (not necessarily in that order!)  PRAY for them to make good choices in prioritizing their time and to continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord.

Thank you for your caaontinued faithful prayers and financial support and your notes to us.  We’re so grateful for you as you help enable us to continue to work here.  PRAY that we will be encouraged and continue to press on in faithfulness!

CARRying the Gospel

Tom, Paula, Mitchell, Tevia and Andrew and Lindy


Global Outreach Update | Leah Winey – Camp Barakel

barakel oneBy: Leah Winey

I spent this summer as a camp counselor at this wonderful place called Camp Barakel. It was incredible, stretching, growing, hard, wonderful, and literally one of the best experiences of my life. By the way, I had never set foot there until I arrived for the summer. One of my good friend’s parents work there, which is how I heard about it. I didn’t realize how out of place I would feel until the first week of training, as I was surrounded by fellow counselors and staff who had grown up going to camp. They knew people I didn’t, activities I didn’t, and vocabulary I didn’t. I never went to summer camp as a kid; any experience I had was being a SEEKer to Scioto Hills. I remember breaking down and crying during the second week of training, because I was at the point where I didn’t know how I was going to be ready, or if I was going to click with everyone before summer began. And that was the beginning of seeing God’s provision throughout the summer. The next day, everything started falling into place. I started making friends who would become my best friends of the summer.

Throughout the summer, I counseled three weeks of junior highers, three weeks of elementary kids, and one week of high schoolers. It’s hard to explain the balance of how absolutely draining it was with the incredible gift everything was. Trying to control barakel tweoeight girls from drastically different home lives and standards was grueling. I eventually wrote my mom a letter, thanking her for cutting my food for me, and raising me to be able to fall down without having a tantrum. My favorite week was High School Week, which is the most-hyped event of the summer. I want to be a high school teacher, so God really used that week to confirm my passion to pour into high school kids and affirm my ability to work well with and connect with them.

lhThis summer, and everything that happened, would not have been possible without two things. First and foremost, the Lord, with His divinely-given strength, patience, and enthusiasm. Secondly is the people I was blessed to know. It started out hard, but I’ve made so many lifelong friends. As a counselor, you have to rely on your co-workers so much, for sanity, laughter, and encouragement, as well as adult conversation. I made so many memories with this group of people, whose hearts were primarily focused on serving the Lord, whether that meant teaching archery, lifeguarding, cooking, or counseling. I honestly can’t put into words how much they mean to me, how much fun we had, and how much I already miss them. Being a camp counselor was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I learned how to build a fire, cook a meal over it, sleep under the stars, shoot a bow and arrow, shoot a gun, canoe, scream with no voice, get eight girls to bed on time, clean an entire cabin with no power, deal with mice (sometimes), but most importantly, I learned how much passion I have for God and the word of His testimony. Camp Barakel was a fun, Christ-centered, beautiful, encouraging, loving place, where truly God has blessed.

Global Outreach Update – Kelly Gilbert – Trans World Radio International


By: Kelly Gilbert

I spent this summer as an Intern with TWR International (Trans World Radio) in Cary, North Carolina. I worked as a Media Content Development intern in the Marketing and Communications/Radio Partnerships Department.

I had two different projects that I worked on throughout the summer. I worked under two incredible supervisors who helped me grow in my skills and strengths as a professional and as a person. I did a lot of things that I was very familiar with and I had done many times, but I was also able to work in areas that were completely new to me. Through my work, the people I worked with, and my fellow interns that I lived with, God stretched me, challenged me, and grew me in so many ways.

I went into my internship with no idea of how God was going to use it to seriously change my life. Learning how to rely on His strength daily, denying myself and pursuing His glory, and seeing others as more important than myself, were all concepts that I understood. Over the course of this summer, I was challenged time and again in all of these areas and God was able to use those around me and my circumstances to challenge me and grow me. I am currently pursuing the opportunity of going back to work with TWR as a full-time missionary.

My time spent in Cary affirmed numerous things in my life. It affirmed that what I was studying through my time in college wasn’t a mistake. It affirmed that I do want to work in missions, if that’s where He is leading me. He affirmed time and time again that I should pursue the opportunity to return to TWR as long as the door remains open. Assuming things work out over the next couple of months, I will be returning to Cary in late October for interviews and evaluations. After that, if they decide to appoint me as a missionary, I will begin to raise support and form partnerships with churches and individuals. I am praying that God will continue leading me clearly and that His will be done in my life no matter which direction He takes me. I ask that you pray with me as I begin to make decisions and follow God’s leading.


Global Outreach Update | Abby Huck – The Luke Commission



Hello friends!

I want to start off by thanking all of you for the support that I have received the past few months!! It has been amazing to see the power of pray in action. My time in Swaziland was far beyond anything that I ever expected. My goal is now to share with you what we did during the month of May, and how the Lord is working through The Luke Commission in that tiny country.

There is no doubt that HIV/AIDS has devastated Swaziland. It was heartbreaking to think that 1 out of every 5 kids that we interacted with at each clinic was left orphaned from the epidemic that swept through Swaziland. I cannot say enough good things about The Luke Commission and what they are doing! They are passionate about the Gospel and changing Swaziland for the better. It was so encouraging to live with them and experience first hand what they do on a daily basis.

The month was full of long days, lots of laughs, and experiences that changed my outlook on global missions. Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday was a designated “Clinic” day. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturdays were restock days for the next clinic. We did this on the TLC campus. Sundays were our days of much-needed rest! After going to church, we had the day to journal, play games, and relax with the team. On clinic days our team was up by 4:15 to be picked up at our house that was about 5 minutes off of the main TLC campus by 5 am. We would go to campus and have a time of prayer and singing with all the Swazi staff. One Swazi would also read us an encouragement from Scripture and make it applicable to the day. We would load into our vans and leave promptly at 6 am and make our way to our clinic. Each clinic was set up at a rural school anywhere from and 1 hour to 2 hours away from the TCL campus. We used 9 rooms and set them up according to our needs. Each room was given a number. We referred to the rooms using those numbers to remove the stigma that went along with what we did in each room.

Room 1- Patients meet one on one with a TLC Swazi staff member. They discuss medical and family history as well as if there are any specific medical problems they are facing. They also say if they have been or want to be tested for HIV.

Room 2- This is where the actual HIV testing occurs. It is as simple as a prick on the finger and blood placed on a test strip. The results are visible is less than 10 minutes. Patients over 18 have their blood pressure tested. In addition, patients over 50 have their blood sugar tested.

Room 3- This is where each patient got to meet with the doctor and a translator to discuss any medical issues they had. They also heard a Bible lesson and had the opportunity to pray with a TLC member before they saw the doctor.

Room 4- Patients receive personal counseling from TLC Swazi staff members. They receive further information from the results of the HIV testing. This can range from how to live life with HIV if their results were positive or how to prevent HIV if their results were negative. All counseling is conducted from a Christian perspective.

Room 5- This is the pharmacy window! I got to work here for about 7 clinics. Patients bring the paper that the doctor had circled what medicines they needed on. Based on that paper, we pull the medicines from 2 rolling shelves. The patient is told about each medicine and how it needs to be taken.

Room 6- This is the surgical room used mainly for male circumcision as well as minor procedures. Our team was very active in this room. We helped prep boys for circumcisions as well as setting up and cleaning up the beds before and after procedures.  A few of us were also checked off to assist the nurses in completing the stitches after a circumcision. Circumcision is proven to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS by 60%!

Room 7- Pre-op and Post-op for those going to room 6.

Room 8- This was a multipurpose room used for blood draw and other needs.

Room 9-This was the room used for eye care. Patients had their eyes tested and based on their results; they were given a pair of glasses to fit their needs.

My month spent in Swaziland was a true gift. I was able to see selflessness and love in action. I enjoyed working in room 6 due to the medical aspect. Although I was unable to talk to must people that I came in contacted with, that did not cause a barrier in greeting them with a friendly smile and giving them the best medical care possible. Not only was I able to do more things medically than I would as a nursing Senior, but I was able to get a glimpse of life as a full-time medical missionary and I must say- it is not easy. The Lord was good to my team and allowed us to bond closer than I ever thought possible.

I want to close with saying that the Lord is at work in Swaziland. The Luke Commission is a thriving organization that is doing great things. Please continue to pray for them as they are working daily in Swaziland. Thank you again for the support that you all showed me as I went on this adventure. This is an experience that I will carry with me in my future nursing career.

In Christ,

Abby Huck

Global Outreach Update | Kim Jenerette – The Luke Commission

The-Luke-CommissionI traveled to Swaziland to serve for and with The Luke Commission.  Our days consisted of:

Clinic Days – M-W-F … arising at 4:30 AM and going to the Miracle Campus (HQ for TLC).  Upon prayer, we would leave for our destination that could take anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.  The last 20-30 minutes of our trips were on dirt roads.  We met at a school (which was not in session that day) and set up stations in different rooms at the school.  This became our mobile hospital .. rooms were interview rooms, rooms for blood pressure, blood sugar testing, and HIV testing.  Patients met with the physician daily.  Circumcisions are offered to all males (generally, 25-35 per clinic day) and other types of surgeries are performed.  Eye testing is performed, certain X-rays may be performed, opportunities to be counseled according to scripture are offered, and a generous shoe donor provides shoes to children.TLC-on-the-move-pic

T-TH-SA – working at the Miracle Campus.  This consisted of various chores to include separating, packaging, counting pills … working in the warehouse and loading supplies, cleaning vehicles (inside and out), cleaning shelving units, entering data into the computer, etc.

A highlight of mine was to be able to minister to young children, many who have not seen any white figures.  Fitting them with shoes, smiling, and letting them know Christ lives in us … the language barrier prohibited any normal course of conversation.  Also, ministering to a setting of where 3,000 – 5,000 people would come to the clinic.  While all were not seen, many were and the opportunity to spread the gospel, while providing services to reduce the spread of AIDS and other medical concerns, hit right to my heart as to serving and ministering.

Lastly, working with the locals at TLC.  The Swazi locals do not complain.  If there is an issue they are having, they keep it to themselves.  For example, even if one has a headache, they do not share it … they go about their business as they do not want to bring others down. It is my hope to go again next year to minister.

Global Outreach Update | CU Engineering Bolivia

Global Outreach Update | CU Engineering BoliviaGlobal Outreach Update | CU Engineering BoliviaThis month is short term global outreach highlight month! Welcome to it, catch all the exciting updates!

The 2015 Cedarville University Engineering Global Outreach to Bolivia was blessed by God in so many ways!  Thank you for prayers and support that helped make it happen.

The purpose of the trip was to support and learn about efforts to help Bolivians provide clean water for themselves and their families.  We worked with Dale and Helen Harlan of SIM, and also in conjunction with the development agencies Alcance and BolCan.  Over the past two years, Cedarville mechanical engineering students have been testing hand-built water pumps made of pvc pipe components and considering improvements in the design.  One of our objectives was to test a good number of these pumps that are in use.  Another objective was to test the quality of water that is being used by people in the peri-urban area around Cochabamba. We were able to accomplish both of these goals and to learn and to interact with a number of Christians and churches along the way.

We learned about Bolivian culture, and about Quechua culture in particular.  The pumps we worked with were primarily those of Quechua people.  My observation is that they are a beautiful, quiet, and diligent people.  Their greeting consists of a handshake, touches of one or both hands to each other’s shoulders, then another handshake.  We also learned about the philosophy of the ministries we worked with, whose goal was to help people have ownership of the help they are given.  That is done in the development context by requiring that people put forth a “counterpart” in the forms of effort and of finances as they receive material help.  This helps prevent the installation of beautiful systems that never get used (we saw some examples of this).

As the team discussed the trip, we kept adding highlight after highlight.  Here are a few of the highlights we enjoyed.

Click a photo to view as a slide show and read the captions!

Thank you so much to you who supported this ministry.  Your generous gifts glorify God and greatly encouraged the team.  As a result of your generosity, the trip was fully funded.  More importantly, it was apparent that you were praying!  You really were partners in this ministry!

Thank you!

P.S.  You can see more pictures at the Facebook Group (public) “CU GO Bolivia.”


Global Outreach Update – Kleis Family

kleisIn June we celebrated 10 Years in Italy! Ten years of sweat, heartache and triumphs serving a God who is always faithful and who desires to use weak vessels like ourselves to bring truth and hope to a people we have grown to love. We could not have made it these past 10 years without you standing behind us!

Although mission work in Italy typically moves at a glacial pace, we are excited to see visible results of God’s work in the last few weeks. We praise the Lord for the salvation of one individual and the opportunity we have had to invest in his life over the past year through the study of God’s word. He has wonderful leadership and pastoral qualities that we pray will develop through one on one discipleship and training. We are also seeing glimmers of understanding and gospel acceptance in the life of another, a woman we have been ministering to for a year and a half. We see the possibility of a core group being formed in the near future which could constitute the beginning of the church plant in Caselle–and this gets us excited! Pray for us as we pray, prepare, and plan to this end.

This month we have launched a new Jobs for Life course that will conclude the beginning of October, at which time we will have spent over 60 hours together in job and life skills training from a biblical perspective. Three women are attending the course, all of whom have significant needs and complex issues to work through. All three have already demonstrated an openness and a desire, not simply to find work, but also to come to a better understanding of God through the Bible. Pray that as we continue to work with them that God would give us wisdom as we try to offer them help on a number of levels and that ultimately they would come to know the hope that only Christ can give.

Continue to pray that God may grant that in a religious and cultural landscape that has for centuries been dominated by Rome, true gospel reformation would finally come!

Family Life: We enjoyed a brief visit to Michigan in June for the wedding of Jonathan’s brother. Jonathan officiated his first wedding, Noella made the cake, Samuel and Luca were ushers and Emma was the ring bear(ess). We are thankful for the opportunity to be present for such a special day for our family. The kids are busy working on their summer homework assignments, continuing with piano lessons and creative projects like writing and crafting. We have had over a month of relentless high temperatures in the 90s plus humidity that makes it quite difficult to function at times without AC. Jonathan in particular has had difficulty breathing with the heat but we are thankful that he is making improvement with some remedies.



Global Outreach Update – Carr

Tom and Paula Carr

Hi, Everyone!

Rainy season has been declared over, but we still seem to be getting rain off and on.  We get tired of the rain sometimes, but at least it keeps temperatures down a bit!

PRAISE the Lord around 30 children have signed up to attend Children’s Camp this Thursday and Friday, July 23, 24! We weren’t sure, since we’re still pretty new in town, whether parents would be willing to send their kids off to camp, so we are very excited that six of those who have signed up are from here in Izumi!  Please PRAY for the Lord to work in these children’s hearts and draw them to Himself, and for strength and endurance for all of us workers.  (Praise the Lord there is no shortage of workers this year–there’s around 25 adults who are planning to be there, too!)  Please also PRAY for the start of once-a-month youth activities, beginning August 8.  PRAY that many junior high and high schoolers will come.  Also, one of our single ladies has a desire to start a young adult get-together each month.  She wanted to start this month, but all of her friends decided at the last minute they couldn’t come.  PRAY that she won’t be discouraged and that this new ministry would get off the ground.  There will also be an “Anyone Can Come” camp on August 13, 14.  PRAY for all of these outreaches and activities to be used to produce lasting fruit.

PRAISE the Lord for different opportunities the Lord provides for us to show His love.  Before Lindy left, the Petite family, a visiting intern, Itaru, and our family went to help one of our church lady’s mother celebrate her birthday.  She lives in a nursing home and Miss M thought her mom would enjoy seeing Lindy dressed up in Miss M’s yukata.  They probably hadn’t had quite that much excitement in the nursing home in a long time!  Miss M continues to ask us to pray for her mother’s salvation, so please PRAY along with us.

PRAISE the Lord Lindy arrived safely back in Cedarville and is involved this week in the MK Re-entry Seminar.  She seems to be really enjoying it and says she’s learning a lot.  Please continue to PRAY for her and her adjustment to being back in the states and for her preparations in attending Cedarville University as well.  PRAY also for Andrew, who will be moving off-campus this year and living with some friends/fellow students nearby the school.  PRAY for them both to continue to follow the Lord and want to serve Him with all their hearts.  Paula leaves next week for the U.S. and will be helping Lindy get set up for college.  Continue to PRAY for us as we adjust to another one of our family leaving.  We’re so thankful we still have two kids left behind with us!

PRAISE the Lord we have decided on an online school program for the next year.  Though this is a bit more expensive, we’re hoping and praying it will do the trick for our family. PRAY that we will adjust to yet another change in our home schooling and the the kids will be able to learn well and grow in the Lord.  PRAY that we all will keep our eyes on the Lord become more like Him.

Thank you once again for your faithful support, your prayers, birthday and anniversary cards, as well as encouraging notes.  We really appreciate them and need your prayers.

CARRying the Gospel,

Tom, Paula, Mitchell, Tevia (in Izumi) and Andrew and Lindy (both in Cedarville, OH)

Global Outreach Update – GateKeepers | Hanson

This is a “To God be the Glory” post for all who are interested.  It is always a major task to ask God’s people to respond to a ministry need and when $12,000 needs to be raised, it is imposing, intimidating and slightly embarrassing to ask people if they might like to contribute to such an undertaking.  With the Central State University football team heading to Scioto Hills Camp for the second time this year, where we have an opportunity to speak to the entire team two times per day, it is an opportunity that is very difficult to say ‘no’ to.  It sets us up for ministry the rest of the year and helps build relationships that give us access into other areas of the university also.

Here is the final result, we put the plea out to God’s people and without any arm twisting, taking people out for coffee or guilt… His people responded to His nudge.  We have all the money committed for this opportunity and program and we are encouraged once again as we stand amazed at the goodness of God.  It is so encouraging that when you believe you are being faithful to the call of God and step out on faith to make it happen without the resources to pull it off, God is always faithful to provide the means to His endeavors.

Now the countdown is on for the time with the team.  Please be in prayer for us as we leave August 10-13.

All for One and One for all,

    Brian D. Hanson

GateKeepers Ministries

  “Leading with the Truth”

Global Outreach Update – Blumenstock

bstock1July Update

How to pray this month

We have a busy summer here in the US with many meetings, church visits, and a great deal of traveling. Please pray for us, especially that we will find some rest in the midst of the hectic schedule.

Karma Vs. Grace

In mid-June, we visited one of our supporting churches, The Bible Chapel in Pittsburgh, and presented our ministry during the adult and youth Bible fellowship hour. A highlight of our visit was our time with the VBS. We gave a brief lesson to 4-6 graders on the difference between karma and grace, using real, Thai items to explain to them some Buddhist practices. What a wonderful reminder that we cannot earn God’s favor, but that His love and grace is freely given through the sacrifice and resurrection of His Son.bstock


ABTS hosted a special event at our home church in Cedarville, OH: Grace Baptist Church. One of our adjunct professors, Dr. Scott Carroll, an expert in ancient manuscripts, spoke on the topic of the transmission of Scripture. We had an excellent turnout, and a wonderful time exploring God’s written revelation in this unique way.


We are praising God for wonderful trips to The Bible Chapel in Pittsburgh and Aboite Baptist Church in Ft. Wayne, IN. Aboite is the newest, regular ABTS supporter, and we had an opportunity to present the ministry to them last week. Thank God for providing supporters who are strategic, generous, and committed to training Church leaders in Asia.


Pray for our upcoming travels to Michigan from July 3-13.  We’ll be having numerous meetings at Cornerstone University and will be visiting our long-time supporting church, Grace Community Church in Hudsonville. Pray, too, for our departure back to Thailand on July 24. One day after our arrival, Jim will be going to Singapore for the special ABTS class with Dr. Darrell Bock.