Exciting Changes Coming Soon for GraceKids Wednesdays!

GPSfinalThere’s lots of talk about what’s happening for kids on Wednesdays starting in the fall. I’ve heard many different versions – the furthest from the truth is – “there’s going to be nothing!” Let me take a minute to set the record straight!

This fall, Grace introduces a new program that will capture the midweek opportunity with our kids and community kids and redeem every moment of the evening. This new, original, and exciting program includes curriculum for 2-year-olds through 5th grade.

What is this new program called?

GPS – God’s Powerful Story
Check out our logo (at the top), designed for us by Ali Womack with lots of GraceKids input!

What is GPS?

GPS is a weekly curriculum, for pre-school and school-age children, with emphasis on an engaging and fun presentation of kid-friendly, basic theology and connected Scripture memory, with the intent that kids will gain a better understanding of biblical truth, which will grow into the desire to have a saving and intimate relationship with God.

What will a typical night include?

  • School-age GPS starts with a highly interactive opening in the gym involving kids and leaders in music and skits, videos, object lessons, and other activities which introduce the subject of each night.
  • From opening, kids transition to a teaching time, in age-appropriate groupings, where they are taught the content for the night using exciting and engaging methods.
  • Small group time includes activities that encourage the students in their work on and review of the memory passage and memory phrase. Each child joins a small group that includes the same teacher and kids from week to week.  In small groups, kids develop a teaching and mentoring relationship with a Christian adult.
  • Game time in the gym incorporates review of lesson content and memory work.
  • 2’s & 3’s and 4’s & 5’s follow very similar, age-appropriate elements: story time, small groups, music, and games.

What content will this curriculum cover?

GPS is comprised of a three-year rotation. Kids, with their teachers and small group leaders, walk through the topics of Bible, God, Sin, Jesus, Salvation, and Christian Life. Each section is four weeks long with the fourth week covering review of previous material. With each section kids learn a memory phrase and memory passage that reinforces the theological truth being taught. The format of GPS could be easily described as a basic theology course for kids!

What makes this program unique?

All kids, all ages, are learning the same material each night making it easy for parents to review and reinforce the material at home. Students spend four weeks learning about and committing to long-term memory the Memory Passage and Memory Phrase. They hear the phrase and passage each night in opening, group teaching, small group, and game time. Also unique is the website being developed by volunteer, Karley Hepworth, which will provide information for parents so they can easily keep in touch with the GPS calendar, Scripture Memory plan, teaching schedule, memorization ideas, and downloads for learning tools. We are excited about this feature and the ways the website will develop as a resource to parents!

Will GPS include any Scripture memory?


Who will be working in this new ministry?

God has blessed the GPS ministry with an incredible leadership team that has met weekly and worked diligently at getting so much organized and details worked out as we anticipate start-up in just a few short weeks.

Meet the GPS Leadership Team:

Liz Winey – Co-Director, Preschool Age

Will Humphrey – Co-Director, School Age

Jenn Davis – Nursery Coordinator

Bekah Rogers – Tiny Trackers Coordinator (2’s & 3’s)

Michelle Humphrey – Young Explorers Coordinator (4’s & 5’s)

Mindy Hughes – Treasure Seekers Coordinator (K-2nd grade)

Pat Warren – Treasure Seekers Teacher (K-2nd grade)

Lisa Jenerette – Path Finders Coordinator (3rd – 5th grade girls)

Alissa Woyak – Path Finders Teacher (3rd – 5th grade girls)

Bob Paris – Trail Blazers Coordinator (3rd – 5th grade guys)

Mike Eckstein – Trail Blazers Teacher (3rd – 5th grade guys)

Missy Hunt – Registration Coordinator

Jeff Beste – Opening Coordinator

Lyndell Rising – Drama Coordinator

Libby Shearer – Games Coordinator

When will GPS happen?

GPS will start on Wednesday, September 9, 2015.  Meetings will continue weekly on Wednesdays from 6:45 to 8:00pm. Upon arrival, all kids, Nursery through 5th grade, need to be checked in by an adult in the gym foyer. Preschoolers start the evening in their respective rooms in the Preschool Neighborhood. School-age kids all start in the gym. At the close of the evening, preschoolers will be picked up from their respective rooms. School-age kids (K–5th grade) will all be picked up in the gym.

How do I register my kids?

Go to this link and register your kids! All age groups need to register.

There will be a set maximum capacity for Nursery, 2’s & 3’s, and 4’s & 5’s based on room space and available staffing.

What role do parents play?

GraceKids goal to partner with parents in their God-given role to raise up their children to know and love God and GPS is designed to be a tool that parents may use in this effort. Our hope is that parents will have a desire to work in the GPS program and take the journey through this basic theology study with their child(ren). Information will be available on the GPS website so that parents can access the GPS calendar, Scripture Memory plan, teaching schedule, memorization ideas, and downloads for learning tools to use to reinforce GPS teaching at home.

How can I get involved?

Would you enjoy loving on babies? Would you be willing to come alongside 2’s, 3’s, 4’s or 5’s as they begin learning foundational truths for the faith we pray they will embrace for life? Are you interested in mentoring a small group of school-age kids and helping them gain a better understanding of biblical truth which we pray will grow into the desire to have a saving and intimate relationship with God? Do you want to be involved but would rather be behind the scenes? Would you be willing to faithfully pray for a group of kids and their teachers? If you are interested or would like more information, please contact Barb Hunt.

Excitement mounts as we anticipate what God has in store with this new program for training our kids in the basic truths of our faith. We look forward to seeing all that the year ahead will hold. Our leadership team is busy with preparations as September quickly approaches. If you see one of those on the leadership team, please help me by thanking them for all their hard work.