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January Update: How to pray this month

Happy New Year! As we enter 2016, we look forward to a busy year for our family and for ABTS. Jim’s thesis will be entering it’s most labor-intensive stage, ABTS will be starting new cohorts in Papua New Guinea and Manila, and we will be embarking on a renovation project for the new ABTS headquarters. Thank you for your prayers and partnership, and please pray with us that we will be faithful to God’s calling and leading throughout the year. Karen’s parents visited Chiang Mai in December, making for a wonderful Christmas with family. It is always encouraging having family visit us on the field.

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Dec. with family


We really enjoyed our time with Karen’s parents last month. We were also able to take a much-needed rest as we anticipate a busy few months ahead. Praise God for sustaining and encouraging us this Christmas season.


Jim will be teaching Christian Worldview in Delhi from February 5-14. Pray for his preparations, for the students who will be attending, and for Karen and Ella as they stay in Chiang Mai. Pray, too, for the graduation and board meeting which will take place in Delhi after the class.

Continue to pray for the office renovation process. We are now developing plans for the project, including outfitting the classroom, building one more office on the balcony, and creating a library and study space for students. Pray for us as we seek the right contractor and for God’s provision for this project.

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Heading to Scioto Hills Camp

Our SEEK team and group of campers are heading to Scioto Hills Camp, they left in the midst of heavy rain this morning with excitement written all over their faces! Check out some of the pictures and read a blog post by Pastor Mike as well!

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Scioto Hills and SEEK Week

Discipleship on Two Levels–Learning and Doing

On Monday morning we pull out of the parking lot with close to 90 students ready for camp! What I love most about Scioto Hills camp is SEEK week. As our grade school and middle school students are at New Frontier and Alpha camp, our high school students have the opportunity to be right there serving. We lead morning and evening chapels for New Frontier camp, we do work projects for the camp, we have team leadership initiatives, we assist with games, we hang out with campers and we aim to be a blessing to the camp staff.

SEEKers is about serving. In our individualistic culture that celebrates self, students need more opportunities to learn that life is not about us. In fact, Jesus said in Matthew 16:25 that in order to gain life you must lose it. Jesus not only preached this message, his life was an example of complete surrender. Paul encourages believers in Philippians 2 to have this same mind in Christ Jesus. Even though he is God, he emptied himself by becoming a servant who would be obedient to the point of death!  SEEKers won’t require this total surrender, but my prayer is that this trip will be one more experience in our students’ lives that help them realize that a life surrendered to God is worth it.

This year our theme is “Redeemed.” Our campers will learn what Jesus has done to redeem and rescue them and what the correct response is for one who has been redeemed. Will you join me in praying that all of our campers will know what Jesus has done for them and that they will respond to that message of grace?

Bread from Team McComas

11289493_10100165557724204_193784605614718340_oDuring the month of June Team McComas will be baking bread with the three-fold purpose of creating awareness concerning our call to South Africa, raising funds for that purpose, and making stomachs happy and hearts glad.  So far they’ll be making Nut and Seed Multigrain, Rosemary Thyme Country Loaf, French County, Near Baguette and more! It’s only $20 Large Round Loaves and $10 Smaller Loaves

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