High School Leadership Group Algonquin Trip | Recap

Last week our students went on a grand trip to Algonquin, Canada. The group going was made up of the coming year’s Radiate Student Leadership Team called The SHIFT, four adult leaders went with as well. The group started off the week energized and ready to go. Through their trip they encountered cold weather, pouring rain, and many bugs. Each person who went on the trip came back full of exciting stories, memories and experiences they’ll never forget. Check out what some of the students had to say below and also some pictures. You’ll see a lot, but it won’t tell the whole story, so go and find some of the adventurers and ask them more about the trip!

“It was a great trip that showed God’s beauty through creation and circumstances. It was a lot of fun and was an amazing experience!”

– Josiah Winey

“This Algonquin trip not only brought me closer to those who I was with, but closer to God as well.”

– John Sizer

“The trip was a great way to refocus ourselves and to grow as a team!”

-Ian Waltz

“Throughout this trip, I learned several things and also grew closer to Christ. There is something so powerful about always being completely surrounded by encouraging people and God’s beautiful creations.”

– Elizabeth Daniels

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RAD Awards Recap

11204946_846180862096831_7079250816251735826_nSo many cool things happen at Grace each week. Sometimes we get the pleasure of going back and checking it out via pictures and video! We invite you to check out photos and videos of our Grace Radiate “Rad Awards” show. This year Mike Standish and Stephen Bell kicked it in to high gear and pull off an amazing celebration our the seniors of Radiate. Here is a little thank you that Pastor Mike mentioned on Facebook.

Wow…so grateful for all the help we had last night to put on the 2015 RAD Awards! Thank you Joel Wallis and Aimee Hill Wallis, Andrea Kinsinger, Mark Klimek and Cheryl Martin Klimek, Jack Berg and Peyton Berg, Scott Huck,Colin Idris Jones, Andrew Biddinger, David Joseph Thurlow, Josiah Winey,Joseph Zavodney, Chad Clark, Ian Waltz, Jonathan Zaharek, Kristin Klimek,Ella Kinsinger, Anna Kinsinger, Ben Kinsinger, and a SPECIAL THANKS toStephen Bell (who put in tons of hours for this show and was stinkin’ hilarious…you do “awkward” way too well man!) Tyler Kirkpatrick, we enjoyed having you Facetime in and make your appearance again this year. Keep working that resume!:) I also want to thank the many others who participated as presenters and performers. Finally, I want to thank my wife Erica Bartlett Standish who sacrifices SO MUCH to have me away to work on things like this. You are my biggest support and do so much more than anyone will ever know for our ministry. I love you!

As I sit exhausted this morning trying to recoup from the busy weekend, I can’t help but truly thank God for an amazing group of leaders and students that he has given me to work with at Grace Baptist Church.

Students, your talent was incredible, and Seniors, I hope you heard all the words others spoke about you and to you. Find your identity in Christ and keep him at the center of your life! On behalf of the GraceRadiate student ministry, we love you all!

After the program Stephen Bell put the videos online so you can watch them at home. CLICK HERE to check them out!

Also many pictures were taken by Jonathan Zaharek! Check them out in the album below.

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Radiate Jr./Sr. Trip | In Rewind

Through this post we want to show you what it’s like to go on a trip to the Smoky Mountains with our Radiate Juniors and Seniors. Please enjoy the trip via pictures and more.11178665_10152688687426086_680138810_n

We geared up and began to head out on Friday. It took a bit longer than we expected to arrive and the last few minutes were spent turning up and through the mountains. We finally made it late into the night and unloaded into the cabin. It was beautiful and we couldn’t wait to see the view the next morning in the light.  We weren’t disappointed, we saw 11008512_10152935703909755_5496585183621303549_nsome of God’s most beautiful creation!

After a breakfast of pancakes, eggs and sausage we loaded up and went to Gatlinburg. There we found many interesting sights, sounds and food! Most likely we embodied the typical tourist, backpacks, souvenir shopping and selfie taking. We finished up Gatlinburg by eating at a variety of lunch spots then loaded up for our afternoon hike.

11165834_10152688686311086_784126687_nWe decided on the Laurel Falls Hike, a mile up and a mile down on a paved trail. This was a great hike where we  enjoyed each others company and breaking a little bit of a sweat. We ended  up at the top not to long after arriving and it was beautiful. You walk out on a bridge that is in the middle of the falls, the view is great and relaxing. Some of the students carefully tried their hand at climbing the rocks surrounding the falls and had fun doing it. On our way back down the mountain we saw many people heading up, then suddenly a snake! It took us off guard but was cool to look at (safely of course).11118341_10152688686636086_51072673_n

We made it down and headed back to the cabin and relax with games and pizza for the evening. The next morning we ate a quick breakfast. Then Pastor Mike got up to share a charge to the 11160555_10152688686271086_905468719_nseniors, just as he was about to begin the bears came to steal our trash. We had seen these little guys earlier, but not for long. They came back for more, more food that is. The students got a great, up close look at the bears and even saw their trash opening skills. After the excitement Pastor Mike gave his charge to the seniors. He ended with a time of prayer around the seniors for their life ahead.11164201_10152688684761086_1704849174_n

11165944_10152688685336086_739913915_nAfter the bears left  and Mike had given his charge we cleaned up the trash, packed up and said goodbye to the cabin. We began our trip back with a short visit to the Pigeon Forge outlets, lunch at CiCi’s Pizza. After those two stops we made a long push through rain and the mountains to finally make a quick Chipotle stop before arriving home in a torrential downpour.

This was a great weekend for our students to getaway, make their bonds tighter, and celebrate the time they have had together in Radiate.

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