A Week of Celebrating Pastor Craig and Kathy Miller

10710340_10152544374550975_5897387550862869173_oThis week we are celebrating with Pastor Craig and Kathy Miller their 10 years of service at Grace. We are incredibly thankful for their caring service to the congregation, great intentionality and wonderful teaching. We have all felt their presence and impact here at Grace and we are excited to enjoy time together this Wednesday evening at 6pm in the gym, celebrating the ten years they have shared with us.

This week we don’t have the same flexibility for late sign-ups like we normally do. But if you missed the sign-up deadline or just couldn’t be here by 6pm anyway, we have planned for extra dessert. So, still stop by closer to 6:45pm and celebrate our pastor and share your thanks with Craig and Kathy! Also, If you are planning to attend the Springfield Arts presentation of Fiddler on the Roof that evening, there is time to do both! (The play begins at 8 pm).